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Securing a pre approval or purchasing your first home can be overwhelming and there are many unknowns. Rest assured, we are here to help walk you through that process.

It begins with a simple application where a mortgage professional gathers your employment information, history, credit and income as well as monthly expenses. A snapshot of your financial health basically.

The next step is having your professional review the application and look at different mortgage products out there that best fit your current situation and future goals as well. Once they inform you of your pre approval amount, now is the time to go home shopping!

Once you make an offer on a home in your price range and it is accepted, you submit for an approval. A lender will review your application and this property and then offer a mortgage commitment to you for this property. Sometimes an appraisal is needed of the property as well and once that is completed and you have submitted your proof of down payment and income, the house is yours on closing day.

To make it official, the paperwork must be signed with a lawyer prior to the closing date. Now get ready to furnish your new home and make it yours.

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